Beer is one of the most popular and oldest beverages which is widely consumed all over the world. There are more than 80 different styles of beer.

What type of beers you like? Light in alcohol, dark in colour, caramel malt flavoured, fruity or spicy aroma? 

There’s a whole lot of information to learn about your favourite beverage. Each beer has a distinct colour, aroma and flavour to it. The combination of fruits, malt, spices, hops creates many beer varities. Once you know the styles, flavours and alcohol content then you can shop for beers like a pro. Know all about beers, so you can be satisfied with your purchase. Go shopping online and find your perfectly balanced beer type.

Top Ale Brands

Open up those pale ales to bring in the warm weather. There are different types of ale varieties from brown ale, pale ale, golden/blonde ale, Belgian ale, sour ale and many more. Brewed up at high temperatures, they tend to be malty and slightly bitter in taste giving you a delicious and lingering kick. Get started with some of the best ales – Aeronaut Hop collection, Aeronaut Imperial, Allagash, Anderson Valley, Hoegarden. If you like wild ale go for Highwater Stella Blue. Different varieties of ales have different levels of bitterness combined with malt sweetness and fruity flavours and hints of spice.

Best Seasonal and Fruit Beers 

Sit back, relax and sip on a fruit beer in summer. The new and next big thing in craft beer is your fruit beers which have become quite popular in the country. They are brewed with fresh fruit extracts or hops with a fruity aroma which gives it a sweet and tangy taste while giving you a slight punch. For a refreshing and tasteful beer, try Summer Solstice Seasonal beer which has a spicy, a bit caramel smell which becomes creamier in the mouth. Blood Orange Wheat by Jack Abby’s is one of the most popular choice fruity beer – its juicy and bloody refreshing! So when the temperature soars up, the perfect way to quench your thirst is by drinking a fruit beer.

Absolutely amazing Lager Beer 

One of the most sought after the beer is brewed at low temperatures using bottom-fermented technique making it crispier, less fruity, and a mellow taste. There are many sorts of lager beer to match each beer drinker’s taste. Kellerbier / Zwickelbier are an alternative uncommon and specific German beer. Aeronaut Surface Wave Kellerbier is a good choice with low alcohol content and a roasted malt taste. Bocks are also German sipping beers featuring malty and creamy flavours. Jack Abby’s Eis bock is sweet in taste filled with caramel malt goodness and subtle hints of vanilla, raisin almost like a barley wine. These beers give you a nice, boozy and decadent feeling, great to accompany your backyard BBQs. 

Ciders in Paradise

Ciders are essentially made by fermenting apple juice and does not contain malted grains. Ciders have a much sweeter taste compared to the classic beers and can sometimes be dry. If you love ciders than pour yourself an Angry Orchard hard cider to enjoy an evening with friends. There is a flavour for every type -crisp apple, green apple, rose, including the unfiltered range. Angry Orchard Rose has a delicate floral aroma, Angry Orchard green apple has hints of kiwi and melon and Crisp apple gives you a feel of eating a fresh sweet apple.

We have some of the finest beer collection. Try out the different varieties. Trust us, it will leave you wanting another sip. And another. Chill with a beer and say cheers!